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S tronic ide samo uz jaci motor i sa quattro pogonom sto je naravno bolja. Kontam da ni Multitronic nije toliko los jer da jeste Audi bi odavno . Zalbe na rad ovlascenih Audi servisa 26. Anyone on here drove both and able to give a good review on them? Is there a big advantage to either?

See mixed opinions online and .

Reale problema al cambio s-tronic?

Trebalo je da bude malo kasnije, ali su mi učinili uslugu i uspeli da ga oslobode tokom praznika, tako da premijum . Manual – most reliable, bit . I mean – a description like – light gear .

S -tronic ima problema su tipični kvarovi mehatronike, trošenje . My salesman listed his own Faulty CVT Audi on gumtree and sold it the same night to. Audi A5 S tronic, the dog shit box.

Kupujem AUDI C7, sem že izbral ročni menjalnik ker vsi tako žalostno omenjajo, kako podvržen.

How reliable is the 7-speed s-tronic?

Pa ne vem ne jaz ne trgovec, ali je multitronic ali s tronic. This forum is sponsored by SSP Performance. E altre auto del gruppo VW, Seat e Skoda. Quanti sono soddisfatti e insoddisfatti. Ich habe mittlerweile fast 130. First day out in new car the gear display came up with a question mark in the middle of a gear wheel on the dash, stopped the car re started all . S-tronic schaltet immer noch wie sie . Audi Technical have authorised a new gearbox.

These are on 10 working days from the factory with one day needed to fit. Advancement through technology”. As an Audi owner, we are all familiar with. Forum i klub pasjonatów marki Audi. W audi skrzynie dwusprzęgłowe nazywają się s-tronic, staramy się nie siać zamieszania więc .

The " S Tronic " Audi transmission is much more robust than the VW 7 speed DSG. It does not suffer the heat and debris issues the regular DSGs . Ciao ragazzi, come avevo annunciato nella sezione "mi presento" ho acquistato un Audi TT 2.

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Hi, ich bin am Überlegen mir den neuen Audi S4 Avant zuzulegen. Bisher konnte ich nur die handgeschaltete Variante Probefahren. Audi – AUSTRALIAS LEADING AUDI FORUM – Powered by vBulletin. Jan VW and Audi TDI forum, and Chevy Cruze diesel forum. Audi, visitez le forum pour en découvrir davantage.

Our current one is now 3 years old and initial enquiries with the dealers .