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Below are our top 10 family hatchbacks currently on sale. But the sum of all these minor tweaks is a seriously impressive car. Of all the cars on the road, family hatchbacks have one of the hardest jobs. They have to be reliable, spacious enough for a family, easy to park, cheap to run and  .

Ready to live that hatchback life? View the best hatchbacks based on our rankings then read hatchback reviews and compare your top hatchbacks.

20 best hatchbacks for 2020

Buying a car should always be this easy. The top Hatchback cars in India include Maruti Swift (₹ 5.19 Lakh), Tata Altroz (₹ 5.44 Lakh) and Maruti Alto . The most practical, useful class on the car market.

The Mercedes A-Class is a sensible family hatchback with a premium badge. What are the best hatchbacks on the market? Its amazing versatility and park-anywhere footprint make it a top pick.

For a little bit more space and a little bit more fun, our top-rated small hatchback is Honda Civic.

The best hatchbacks to buy in 2020

With some sportier engine options, this car can be both useful and entertaining. With multiple powertrain and trim options, including the aggressive Veloster N, it offers plenty of choices for buyers. The Honda Fit also remained a top-rated hatchback for the year because of its incredible cargo versatility. The extra-small Fit offers both standard active safety features and an adaptable cabin capable of storing a surprising amount of cargo. The Kia Forte offers a larger trunk space with the second row in place, lots of technology and comfort features, and more powerful engine options. Among lightly used extra-small hatchbacks likely to be available via CPO programs, we like the Honda Fit. If you need a little more passenger space, the Kia Forte is a good choice. Hatchbacks come in all shapes, sizes and prices, from compact city cars like the VW Up to.

Bought used, most family hatchbacks offer great value for money. Check out the list of top -ranked hatchback vehicles prices, photos, specs and more at. Tata Tiago is one of the best cars you can buy for its price point. What new Hatchback should you buy?

With rankings, ratings reviews, and specs of new Hatchbacks, MotorTrend is here to help you find your perfect car. Overall performance is good, I drove . As such, they are generally not ideal for large families or those who prefer traveling by car.

So here are 20 you can buy right now for less than $25,000. Advertisement – Continue Reading Below.

Best hatchbacks of 2020 and 2021

More people buy small hatchbacks than any other type of car, so here we count down the top 10 – and reveal the model to avoid.