Eibach pro kit iskustva

Zeleo bih da mi neko preporuci nekog ozbiljno dobrog . Imaju Pro kit i Sportline, Pro kit su vise, a Sportline nize. Ima li neka kompanija koja pravi lowering kit ~15mm? Just installed my pro kit this past weekend along with the exhaust I made!

Somehow I ordered the kit made for 8th gen and I only .

eibach pro-kit hatchback sport

Can you guys post up pictures of your drop? I wonder how the drop is compared to my Titanium with OEM sport suspension to use these . Toliko je znižalo samo spredaj, zadaj pa . Do these springs work for my car?

Are the ones selling dual rate? Two different spring windings on the same spring? There is alot of discussion on this forum about suspension set-ups, the majority of which is about coil over systems.

eibach pro-kit springs for non-pasm macans

Eibach Pro Kit is normally a 1" drop on a GTI. After giving them time to settle, I intend to get an . Which do people prefer and any reasons why one and not the other? Struggling to decide which one to go for, currently have spoon springs but . I know their website states this is a 1. Is that drop measured from a zx3 focus? Basically i am wondering if this will lower my car still 1. Will this adversely affect my MRC? Does anybody know part number for these there are that many different types but not sure which is the correct one for . Quality time spent with "Hemily" yesterday installing some lowering springs.

I am hoping not to have to buy camber kits and what not. Previously installed for approx 6 mos. I bought them new from a member back in had them installed for about 5 months . They are definitely a bit softer than the H&R and you get a bit more body roll.

More comfortable, but more . Nice work – news is better than no news:D!

eibach pro-kit vs h&r springs better upgrade from msport

Only had these on the car for 2-3 weeks before switching to height adjustable kit instead. Still perfect condition and original box. I decided to change to eibach but wich one? Somebody had some experience with that? Looking to buy a set of stock Abarth springs or Eiback Pro Kit springs, let me know what you have! After a few months of reading the XI forum, it has been made abundantly clear that H&R springs are stiffer than Eibach. Contact Us – Toyota GR86, 86, FR-S and Subaru BRZ Forum – FT86CLUB – Archive . Need to get a pair of rear coils and have my heart set on some heavy duty Eibachs.

Anyone know anywhere cheaped than £195 that do these.