Gehwol Nail repair Gel

GEHWOL Nail repair Gel is thrifty in use. It can be applied with a thin tip of a tube onto the nail . Opāla krāsas (pienains) gēls kāju un roku pirkstu nagu izskata uzlabošanai, aizsardzībai, labošanai, protezēšanai. Aktīvās vielas: Akrilātu maisījums, klimbazols.

The mixing is done with greater .

Gehwol, nail repair gel, гель для протезирования

Three colours of Clear, Opal . For the treatment of damaged, brittle or torn toenails, for the reconstruction of diseased nails and for fixing clips. The gel is available in Pink, Opal and Clear. Use: Apply the gel directly from the . For beautifying, protecting and repairing your finger- and toenails.

You can use directly from the tube and the curing is . The Gel nail will last and offer sensitive toes much needed protection when a nail is lost: artificial nails produced from light hardening polymerization resin.

Средство для ухода за ногами gehwol nail repair gel rosa

The high and medium viscosity nail repair gel is a photopolymerizable resin . Instantly, it will strengthen and . Clean the nails with SNB Professional Active Nail Solution before application. Ready-to-use highly elastic nail modeling mixture, easy . Ermöglicht eine hochelastische Nagelbeschichtung, die dem natürlichen Nagel perfekt angepasst ist. Zum Wiederaufbau von Nägeln, zur Befestigung von .

It can also be used for cleaning instruments . Med Nail Softener helps soften calluses and prevent ingrowing nails. Great for hard nails and ingrown . We will show you how to work with this special gel and how to increase your income.

Free Delivery on All Orders over 100$. Het ondersteunt de heropbouw van zieke nagels. Gehwol See more products from this brand.

Le gel durci uniquement en utilisant une lampe UV, vous . Keyboard shortcuts are available for common actions and site navigation.

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