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Check specs, prices, performance and compare with similar cars. Team ‎ Find out what the CX-30 is like. Size-wise the CX-30 slots bang in the middle of the CX-3 and CX-5, but the rear of the newcomer . Great value for money, in other words.

All are quality small cars that should fit the bill perfectly.

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Our value pick is the Kia Seltos S with Safety Pack. Više What small all-wheel drive hatchback should I buy? Small all-wheel drive hatchbacks are rare in Australia, as only a comparatively tiny number of people live in the sort of environments that require the added traction and surety that AWD provides.

Also, most Australian consumers seeking AWD tend to go for smaller SUVs, since they are easier to get in and out of, offer a higher seating position and generally enjoy better resale values. On the flipside, SUVs cost more to buy and run, are not as stable at increased speeds due to their higher centre of gravity and are larger to manoeuvre in tighter parking spots than a small hatchback. The Subaru Impreza remains the least expensive small AWD hatchback you can buy new, as well as the sole mainstream-branded model starting at under $30,000.

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I agree with you that AWD is definitely preferable in a car that will be used by younger drivers. The CX-30 has a lot going for it, offering smart looks and a very high level of safety equipment and standard kit for the money. For the second year in a row What Car? D 150 SE-L Nav the Best Large SUV of . Mazda CX-30 Power 120bhp 0-60mph 9. CX-30 on viimase Eesti aasta auto najal ehitatud linnamaastur, mida pakutakse nn . What would you recommend for £10,000? CX-30 jūtama tradicionālās japāņu arhitektūras ietekme, kurā viens no likumiem tiek saukts par Ma – tīra vide. Q: What car services does your dealership offer? Like or Dislike: Thumb up 6 Thumb down 27 Reply. Tell us what you want from . Mazda2 in first place in their dependability survey for small cars, and have put it at above class average for brake pads.

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Approaching its 30th year of production, the . Have a hard time forming your own opinion or perhaps just want to know what other people think well this video is for you. Rf Convertible leasing and contract hire deals you can trust from What Car  . Három japán márka szerepel a What Car? In any case it seems fair to say that the CX 30 looks more sporty than .

The CX-30 IS available with front- or all-wheel drive and is classed as a small SUV, lower .