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Maximum power – Output – Horsepower: 90 PS. D (94 Hp) Automatic technical specifications and fuel economy. The almost aggressive stance of the 190D 2. Its spirited Diesel engine generates 93 horsepower, more than enough to provide alert and .

You can find specs for weights, interior and exterior .

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May with the economical 90 hp 5-cylinder engine from the 250 D. In addition to a new estate car and the modified S-Class and . Car parts catalog for MERCEDES- BENZ 190 (W201) D2. Inexpensive parts for this model 190 (W201) D2.

Specification: ACEA A3, API SN, ACEA B4, API. Low engine coolant level indicator lamp (yellow). The successor of the OM617 engine family was the newly developed straight-5 diesel.

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Find all car characteristics of different manufacturers and models, like type . Mercedes- Benz – 190 (W201) generation – 2. DIESEL AUTOMATIC RHD – EX JAPAN! Inline 5-cylinder diesel OM602. Great car comes with amazing specification that includes – ABS, . Type: Diesel, watercooled four stroke, reciprocating piston type with 6 . Preskoči na odjeljak Diesel models — The 190 D was available with three different engines. But when the night is come, i take this beauty to mountain to scare of . Which meant I didnt get any better mpg than I did in the 2. They are basically the same engine but with an extra cylinder, both are bullet.

Impressive specification including electric memory drivers seat,  . Profile with specs, photos, videos and car info. Turbo Diesel homepage on Autoviva. L Diesel Engine for Sale-148K Miles.

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Sportline with a modern diesel. D BlueEFFICIENCY boasts a OM651 common-rail diesel engine with 150.