Revo stage 1 iskustva

Kakva su iskustva sa REVO Uzice? Najgore moguce iskustvo sa PRO TUNING firmom iz Zemuna. Posle toga ubacena Revotechnik genericka Stage 2 mapa, sa kojom je izmereno 10. I ne znam cemu sprdnja sa tim radnim satima, revo i apr bukvalno.

Can someone tell my their experiences in ABT or REVO? TFSI quattro with 211hp in stock.

After stage 1 ecu remap, big decrease in fuel

Anyone tried Revo or APR before? Just wondered what people rate more for a stage one map on a GTi? I have spoken to a Revo installer near me and he looked up on his system the gains from just a stage 1 map. From standard a stage 1 takes it to .

No other mods were done or needed. Everything is stock motor wise. I had a Bluefin stage 1 tune on my Mk6 Golf R and it was fine – gave a dyno verified 20kw at the wheels gain (went from 166kw to 186kw).

Has anyone got this map on their ST180?

Vozili smo audi tts revo stage 1

W i ukidanje onog kasnjenja na launch kontrolu kod DSGa. This forum needs a screening process or a basic test before people can post. Viewing 29 posts – 1 through 29 (of 29 total). All Revo performance Software is designed to safely enhance the driveability of your vehicle, giving access to more power and  . I was just looking around and found this. Not for us, but nice to see some numbers with an intake, exhaust and tune. Singapore car forum, hence many topics are linked to singapore. I know REVO extensively test their cars before releasing the software to the public so you should be fine with . Novi izazovi i težnja da se klijentima uvek ponudi nešto novo i drugačije bili su razlozi početka projekta na koji se još uvek niko od evropskih i svetskih tjunera .

Hopefully everything went well. What figures are you now running? That being said, stage 1 is fairly mild, I had good experiences with Revo. Fitted in NGK SIZFR6B8EG and then got my Revo Stage 1 for 95 RON gas here in Romania.

Let me tell you, the difference in performance is . Been following this forum from the start. I want a map that will pin me back in my car. Looking to get my 8p RS3 stage 1 remap but not sure who to get it done.

This is where I noticed that the DSG gearbox started behaving differently.

Is dsg software upgrade worth it?

One week after delivery the car had an APR remap and carbonio installed.