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The GTD continues to go about its business in an effective but slightly aloof way. Volkswagen created the Golf GTD to appeal to buyers that want the looks (and most of the performance) of the Golf GTI, but with much cheaper running costs. The new Golf GTE 02 combines the performance level of the Golf GTI 03 with the efficiency of a hybrid.

The diesel hot hatch might not be long for this world, but the facelifted VW Golf GTD makes an impressive all-rounder. VW Golf GTD channels the GTI with strong performance, but with affordable fuel bills to boot. But the idea was well-received .

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The Golf GTD is regarded by many people as the best everyday Golf hatchback, so adding a significant extra amount of boot space can only be a good thing for . On the motorway the GTD will return over 45 mpg. The New VW Golf GTD Is A 196bhp, 295lb ft Hot(ish) Hatch. Alongside a new GTI, the VW Golf 8 has spawned a new GTD which is cleaner and more powerful .

The TDI already delivers this power at very low  . In Europe, the Golf GTD is the halo model of the diesel Golf range, sitting alongside the gasoline GTI and the newly-launched plug-in hybrid GTE. Volkswagen has released some details for the Golf GTD, a diesel version of the eighth-generation Golf GTI .

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Explore the vehicle on our website and discover the . Representative Finance Example: PCPHPLease. Volkswagen Golf GTD engine (EA288 evo series) generates an impressively high maximum torque of 400 Nm. PCP (Personal Contract Purchase) is a simple cost effective way to buy your new or nearly new vehicle. Sector: Lower-medium Price: €29,700-€32,525 Fuel: 4. Can you think of many more complete company cars than the Golf GTD  . Fitted with the 6-speed auto gearbox it made for very brisk and easy progress. You simply identify a gap in traffic, point the car at it and squeeze . VW GOLF GTD Review: the most popular golf gets snazzy new screens.

The new Golf might look the same on the outside, but inside there are a couple of  . Volkswagen South Africa markets the Golf GTD as a performance diesel, we drove it back to back with the best all-round hot hatch at the . At that time, the make brought fresh impetus to the compact car with its turbo diesel and sports features  . TDI diesel power unit ( EA288 evo series) with an output of 147 kW (200 PS). More often than not, it feels neither fast or slow.

The GTD is endowed instead with an oily sort of expediency, one that never quite pins the ears . You are looking at one of the best small all-rounders currently on the market. So a lovely place to spend time except .

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