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INA launched the Production Optimization Program in Croatia and so far it had contributed to the year-over-year increase of onshore oil production for 5 years until . Bivši premijer Hrvatske i čelnik mađarskog MOL-a su proglašeni krivima za primanje i davanje mita u slučaju INA – MOL. Croatia expects to start talks with Hungarian energy group MOL on a possible buyback of shares in Croatian gas and oil company INA by the .

Hungarian MOL Group and the Croatian Government as its biggest shareholders, while a minority of shares is owned by . MOL and the government of Croatia, which owns 44.

Government announces buy-out of ina shares after losing in

INA, have long been at odds over investments at INA. MOL is the single largest shareholder in INA with 49. MOL is one of the largest foreign investors in Croatia. Ponovljeno suđenje u aferi Ina – MOL zatražio je Ustavni sud, ukidajući prvu presudu Sanaderu.

Hernadi tada još nije bio optužen, a mađarska . MOL – INA – The Madness Must End. Opinion piece by CEE Perspectives on the saga of the Hungarian and Croatian oil companies.

Kronologija ina-mol: 15 godina ping-ponga

The Hungarian oil and gas company MOL has unexpectedly and without any explanation withdrawn its lawsuit against Croatia filed with a . US offers to mediate in INA – MOL dispute. There have been five failed attempts at negotiations over the past 13 months between the Hungarian . Mol, the Hungarian oil and gas company, has launched arbitration proceedings against the Croatian government for allegedly “breaching . A court in Zagreb on Monday sentenced Zsolt Hernadi, the chairman and chief executive of Hungarian oil and gas company Mol Nyrt. Zbog primanja mita u aferi " Ina – MOL " bivši hrvatski premijer Ivo Sanader osuđen je na šest godina zatvora. Mol" razočaran presudom, tvrde da . Before becoming Managing Director .

Anita M Werensteijn-Honingh, Ina M Jürgenliemk-Schulz,Christa G . Environmental Change in South-east. FIUME MOLA, FOSSO DELLA MOL A FOSSO DELLA MODOLO MDL MOLA.

GOLFO DI LI MOL INA MOL INA SEE MOL INA DI . The company of the SDA sponsor has been, for years now, getting  . The Zagreb County Court approved the INA – MOL indictment on November 7. On November 8, the court merged these indictments (Hypo Bank and INA – MOL ), .

Mol unexpectedly withdraws lawsuit against croatia in ina

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